Are you looking for a change? Knowing you need one but aren’t quite sure what’s going to get you there? Whether it’s health issues, insomnia, a lack of motivation, clarity, or you’re dealing with some seriously lame emotions like depression, shame or guilt, it can be hard to get out of that cycle. And struggling and going in circles totally sucks. Do you want to press a fast forward button to a future happier and higher vibe version of you? I’ve totally got you. Enter the Rising Star Healing System™.

The Rising Star is a pure energetic energy therapy system that delivers a massive dose of light directly into your energetic field over the course of 21 days. It works by raising the vibration of all of your energy bodies and allows you to hold more life force energy. Because everything in your system starts with energy, it works on your physical, mental, energetic, emotional, and etheric bodies directly. Translation: AFFECTING YOUR ENERGY LITERALLY MEANS AFFECTING EVERYTHING.

When you receive a Rising Star session, the energy is directed into each of your 7 major chakras, (energy centers), and it clears old energy out while rebalancing and healing whatever you are ready to release.The best part is that the sessions are guided by the part of your subconscious that’s all knowing, your higher self, so you’ll get (and get rid of) exactly what you need in your life at this time. I, the practitioner, do not decide what to work on. YOUR HIGHER SELF DOES. And because all real healing is self-healing, that’s like riding a unicorn over a rainbow into an ocean of glitter sprinkles into your most awesome self!

Because the healing goes deeper in each session, it’s recommended that you complete a series of three healing sessions at a minimum of 21 days in between each session. This allows the third session to get deeply into the root cause of the issues that your higher self decided would benefit you most. There is so much that changes during that time, that you literally won’t recognize parts of yourself when you’re done. And because all of the healing came from an energetic transformation, it’s not possible to go back. Are you ready?


Raises your vibration by buckets.

Activates strands of DNA.

Increases your life force energy.

Allows you to view yourself and life from a new perspective.


Clears your path by removing energetic blocks and obstacles that are currently in your way.

Opens up new opportunities in your personal and professional life.

Clears negative or stuck emotions.

Alleviates physical ailments (some cases immediate healing).

Better sleep.

Freedom from addiction.

Just plain feeling awesome!

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Do I have to be in the Los Angeles area to get one?

Nope. The Rising Star is pure energy, and no physical touching is required. Because of this it’s available by distance. Translation: we don’t have to be in the same room (or even the same galaxy) in order for it to be effective. All you need to do is relax at the time of the appointment and receive the energy that’s being transmitted to you. Jammies optional.

How long does a session take and what can I expect during a session?

The healing session itself will take 30-45 minutes.

No heavy lifting for you. Just sit back and relax!

You may or may not feel different sensations as the energy is transmitted into your chakras in the form of feelings, sensations and even heat in different parts of your physical body. You also might have inspired thoughts and feelings, new ideas, or have some emotion clear during the session. Whatever happens, there’s absolutely no formula and whatever happens will be the perfect experience for you.

Whether it’s in person or remote, you’ll be hanging out with your spine straight, where you can comfortably be undisturbed for the duration. If you’re receiving the session remotely, you’ll be somewhere in your space that you can lie down comfortably with your spine straight and you won’t be disturbed. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a bed, on the couch, or even on the floor or sitting in a chair, as long as your spine is in a straight position and you can chill for the whole time, you’re golden.

You can expect to experience the same possibilities from an in person or distance healing session. 

What will I experience during the 21 days?

When you receive a healing session, for the following 21 days, the Rising Star will continue to move through your system. It starts at your crown chakra and moves along to third eye, then throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and finally hits root chakra, the next day it begins again at root, moves to sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, crown again, all the way through your system for a final clearing down to root on the last day and grounds you into mother earth.

Expect anything. It’s possible to have many different physical, emotional and mental sensations during the 21 days. You may have changes in your appetite, craving different foods or feeling less or more hungry. You might sleep more or less, you might feel light and amazing in your body and then process a physical release…and all in the same healing! There’s literally no formula and it’s all happening for your highest good. You might have huge realizations and connect a lot of dots about yourself and you also might have a lot of feelings. It’s all groovy. And then there’s some people who go through an entire healing with no “symptoms” and come out of the 21 days feeling like an entirely different person. So in short, expect anything.

What are chakras?

All throughout your body there are tiny little points called nadis. Nadis are the channels in the body through which life force energy or prana, and divine consciousness flows and meet at major intersections. These intersections form large concentrations of energy in your body along your spine and create the 7 major centers where the energetic lines connect. These energetic centers are your chakras and go from the tail of the bottom of your spine at your root chakra and continue up the center all the way to the top of your head at your crown chakra .

You might have seen a chart of the chakras online or in a yoga class, or even at the acupuncturist’s office.

The different chakras regulate specific issues in our lives and when they are out of balance, it can cause disharmony in spirit, mind and body.

Should I do anything to prepare for the session?

The only thing you need to do is pick one person that you’d like to send healing energy to. The session creates a space to clear out anything from one relationship where healing is needed. This can be anyone from any time in your life. When you get the three sessions, you can pick the same person for all three or pick a new person for each, or mix and match. It’s all up to you!

What People Are Saying...

I had been searching for an energy healer for years and I’m so thankful I found Susie. She is such pleasure to work with, and makes you feel so comfortable. She’s not only extremely knowledgeable in her field, but also gives very good advice for any issue I want to discuss with her. The experience of Rising Star was profound. Every session results in different things arising afterwards, but for the 3 weeks following my first session, I had extreme alignment and was so high vibe. I felt as if I had a direct connection to God/The Universe and received answers at such a rapid pace. I got clarity on things I had been struggling with for years, specifically in my career. I highly recommend her and will continue to work with her as my energy healer and therapist for years to come.  -Lee Ann Cotta Los Angeles, CA
Lee Ann Cotta
Los Angeles, CA

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And in case we haven’t met yet….

I’m Susie Connerley, a practitioner and teacher of the Rising Star Healing System™ and I’m on a mission to help people effectively change their lives for the better. When I received my first session in 2008, I was a complete newbie to energy healing and thought that if you couldn’t cut open a body and see a chakra that they must not exist, right?!? It was a huge eye-opener and life-changer for me personally after I got through my first series of three sessions because things in my life just started shifting for the better. It showed me what was possible in the realm of energy therapy, as the Rising Star removes root causes of long-standing issues and also raises the vibration of your energy field faster than any other type of healing available at this time.

Shortly after 2009 when I became a practitioner of this awesome system, I’ve continued to attend courses and annual intensive workshops with Derek O’Neill, the teacher and healer who developed this incredible modality and stay closely connected to the accrediting organization, which keeps the energy pure and supported. I became a teacher of the Rising Star Healing System in 2011, which allows me to serve others in a bigger way by initiating practitioners and allowing more people to experience this transformational modality.

If you’d like to get to know me a little better, please meet me here!

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