Change your thoughts permanently with Rapid Transformational Therapy, RTT, a cutting edge hypnotherapy modality.Hypnotherapy Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT.Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT.

Imagine what it would feel like to be free from your anxiety, addiction, procrastination, and ANY and EVERY issue you wish wasn’t there. If there’s some area in your life that you want to change and either don’t know how or haven’t yet been successful, there’s always an unconscious pattern, habit, or belief system preventing those changes.  Your subconscious is THE key to getting past your past so you can get on with it already and live your best life. Hypnotherapy with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is the fastest way I know to access this part of your mind to bring about permanent changes in your life. Hypnotherapy Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT

I specialize in helping people get to the root cause of anxiety, addictions and any unhealthy patterns. Behind EVERY unhealthy pattern is unprocessed emotions. Whether it’s something you want to bring into your life or something you want out of your life, there is a pattern of unprocessed emotions that is simply waiting to be realized and expressed. All anxiety, addictions, depression, and any unhealthy pattern, are habits of emotions or feelings.  I’ve helped people overcome a wide range of patterns ranging from weight and impulse control, unresolved trauma and abuse, sexuality issues, to perfectionism and fear of public speaking. Hypnotherapy Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT.

No judgment.  Just results. I know that you can get to the root cause of any issue in ONE RTT session because I’ve experienced it personally and have helped countless others do the same.  Everybody, no matter what the issue, CAN experience fast, permanent change. No need to hide, feel ashamed, embarrassed or suffer another minute feeling overwhelmed or scared. There is no issue too big, embarrassing, or shocking.  Come as you are.  Once we address your subconscious mind, where all habits, patterns and beliefs live, you can achieve real freedom. Because life can be awesome! Hypnotherapy Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT

What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy Rapid Transformational Therapy RTTRapid Transformational Therapy RTT.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool that we can use to get you directly in communication with your subconscious mind, (also known as your unconscious mind).  As you may know, the subconscious part of our mind is responsible for 95% of your daily brain activity.  If you’re not tapping into it, simply said, you’re missing a lot!  In psychology speak, the subconscious is defined as “operating or existing outside of consciousness”.   This may seem ironic that over 90% of our thoughts come from a place that you don’t have direct access to, yet it’s the mind’s way of short-cutting the process so that every decision doesn’t have to be thought over at length and that your brain automatically responds to threats or danger immediately, without you having to think consciously in order to avoid danger.  If you had to consciously think before reacting to move your hand from a hot flame, you would be burned, whereas subconsciously, your body reacts in a nanosecond to remove your hand from the same hot flame. Hypnotherapy Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT

Hypnotherapy helps you access the subconscious mind directly by bringing your mind into a different state of awareness through accessing theta brainwaves that are usually only available before and after sleeping or when meditating.  Hypnotherapy causes deeper states of brain waves, beta to alpha to theta.  Your normal waking conscious time is spent mostly in beta brain waves.  Beta waves are used to help us access the part of your mind that accomplishes tasks, conscious analytical thinking, anxiety, stress and any other “uptime” activities.  Beta brainwaves are where most people are when they’re attempting to make changes to their consciousness and it’s the least effective state to make those changes.  Dropping into deeper brainwaves allows access to the subconscious, which is where those patterns of thought and behavior originate.

In an RTT session, I lead clients into these deeper brain states with rapid eye movement, leading to the incredibly deep state of relaxation that elicits hypnosis. Hypnotherapy Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT

There are many misconceptions around hypnotherapy and hypnosis.  One being the pop culture image of the stage hypnotist who uses the trance state of hypnosis to put on a show at the county fair, entertaining people.  Hypnotherapists, on the other hand, only use hypnosis as a therapeutic tool to help people overcome deep emotional and physical patterning.  Huge difference. Hypnotherapy Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT

Through my experience in working with clients and also with addressing my own issues, I realized that all subconscious patterning originally had a positive intent.  When we get down to the root cause of your pattern or behavior, you’ll realize that it played a valuable role in protecting or helping you to feel loved or accepted.  It allowed you to get through situations feeling emotionally and psychologically protected. Hypnotherapy Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT 

But there inevitably comes a time when those deep patterns no longer work for your life and you need an update in your programming. That’s where I come in and help you create awesome new ones! Wherever you are in your journey, and no matter what you’re dealing with, it’s always better to reveal what’s been hidden and DEAL with it. So you can actually move forward! Are you ready?

Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT.

What People Are Saying...

"You're amazing THANK you SO much, Susie! I will say I was totally impressed by your ability to guide me so well to the places where we needed to go, shifting along the way as appropriate and necessary. My ability to go so deep was a testament to how you made me feel so comfortable letting go in your hypnotherapy session! And your skill level 🙂 Really, I thank you so much. I already feel so transformed already 🙂 I'm so excited to continue doing the work. I will totally and completely recommend you to anyone I come across whom this kind of work would speak to."
San Francisco, CA
"My session with Susie was not what I expected. I was surprised to find out that seemingly ordinary occurrences in my childhood in fact made a really big impact on me and were causing me to self-sabotage almost all my efforts to grow my business, health goals and really everything else in my life for that matter. I was nervous at first but Susie was patient, caring, nurturing and she explained everything along the way. I felt very safe and in good hands. The next day while listening to the recording I had a huge breakthrough around forgiving myself and releasing guilt and shame. Susie was a catalyst in repairing my relationship with myself. I now live with more self-respect, deeper trust and a quieter mind that inspiration flows from easily. It's not often that you get life-changing aha moments and this one really increased my self-awareness a self-compassion and I now have the most passionate, loving and support relationship with the most important person - me. If you are looking for a serious leap in your personal development then you need to talk to Susie."
Vancouver, BC
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