Change your relationship patterns permanently with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Hypnotherapy, NLP and pure energy.

Susie Connerley

An Alignment Session combines the most effective techniques available for reprogramming your relationship patterns using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy and energy therapy. 



No matter what your relationship status is right now – single, committed, or in a situationship, how empowered are you feeling in your love life? How much love, peace, self-expression, and passion are you experiencing? 

My clients come to me because no matter what they do, the years in therapy and countless self-help methods, they just can’t break a negative pattern they have in their relationships. 

Whether it’s not being able to set boundaries, not attracting healthy partners, self-sabotaging, or not speaking up for themselves, there are things that just keep coming up over and over again.

The bad news -Not confronting your relationship issues doesn’t make them go away.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… your romantic relationship patterns, the things that keep happening over and over again, originate and are held firmly in place in your subconscious mind. 

These patterns manifest themselves throughout your life in repetitive ways and seem to find you again and again, no matter what you do.

Because the subconscious is wired for safety and survival, it keeps these root causes hidden to protect you and is programmed to keep the original outdated programs running EVEN WHEN the positive new patterns will be so much more useful. 

Through my experience in working with clients and also with addressing my own issues, I realized two very crucial aspects about the subconscious.

  1. All subconscious patterning originally had a positive intent.
  2. The subconscious works to protect you from perceived emotional danger just as efficiently as physical danger.
Subconscious and conscious mind graphic

Behind EVERY unhealthy pattern is a simple combination of inner conflict, unprocessed emotions, and not being able to imagine something new.

When you’re spending time and energy in these patterns, it leads to feeling defeated, causes disempowerment, anger and frustration, lack of self-worth, and even feelings of hopelessness and depression over time. Some people even give up on having a healthy romantic relationship altogether.

The good news – It doesn’t have to be this way.

In my work with my clients and in my own life, I’ve seen over and over and over again, that every single relationship pattern comes straight from our own conditioning and upbringing and that all of those patterns can be changed.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Your mind developed certain beliefs and patterns as coping mechanisms, to keep you “safe”, and as a way to develop an identity in the world around you. When those patterns become outdated with the person you’ve become today, it creates conflict in your mind. 

Thankfully, the actual process of unraveling and creating new relationship patterns that are in alignment with the person you are today is much easier than you’d think.

Are you ready for a change?

Imagine what it would be like to feel free, to feel empowered, to be happy when you’re with yourself and with others, to know that you can say what you feel and know that you’ll feel safe and protected and loved?

I developed Alignment Sessions to help people just like you to uplevel one outdated relationship pattern at a time, so you can live your happiest, most ALIGNED love life possible. 

An Alignment Sesh is done completely in the subconscious mind and combines the best of my experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing Rapid Transformational Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Rising Star Energy Therapy. In less than two hours, you get to the root cause of one unwanted relationship pattern and clear it quickly and effectively. 

If you go the route of traditional hypnotherapy or hypnosis, they would recommend an average of six sessions to complete the same amount of work and expected outcome.

No judgment.  Just results. I know that you can get to the root cause of any ONE issue in ONE session because I’ve experienced it personally and have helped countless others do the same.  

Patterns that can be shifted in one Alignment Session –

The type of person you attract in romantic relationships 😬

Setting boundaries

Attachment style – anxious, avoidant


Trust – trusting yourself, trusting others

Every aspect of the way you communicate

Internalizing other people’s issues and feelings

Fear of commitment

Sexual issues – intimacy issues, not feeling grounded or connected to your body, feeling blocked or stuck.

Unwanted pattern/habit/thing ___________ that you want to change

Aligned Relationships Timeline

Process of an Alignment Session

You’ll actually be very familiar with the state of hypnosis and being in the subconscious mind – you spend lots of time in these deeper brain waves on a daily basis. Like when you’re sleeping, doing every day tasks like the dishes, or driving in a familiar place. There are many misconceptions and expectations around hypnosis. It’s not a lack of awareness but actually a hyper-focused state of awareness.

After just a few minutes into your appointment, you’ll get into these deeper brain waves and the subconscious part of your mind through rapid eye movement and a couple of minutes of relaxation exercises. Then, the real work begins. 

Although every Alignment Session is unique, it follows a general structure that usually begins with regression therapy, where we revisit a few places, events, times and people in your past and from there, uncover the root causes of the unwanted pattern. At this time, the process has already begun and your subconscious and conscious minds are doing the work on resolving conflict and getting on the same page. 

I then use a combination of techniques from Rapid Transformational Therapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and energy therapy to shift the unwanted pattern. If there’s any remaining emotional blocks or conflict, you and I work together to resolve it. 

Finally, you get to relax while I record the last 20 minutes or so of the session, using language straight from the intake form you fill out before your session and from the session itself. You’ll listen to this audio recording for 21 days after your session, which will feel amazing as these positive changes start to take hold in your mind. 

This is the process that’s worked at over a 95% success rate for my clients. 

No matter what you’re dealing with, it’s always better to reveal what’s been hidden and DEAL with it. So you can actually move forward! 

Every session is different, so release your expectations, but come ready for transformation! Together, we do the necessary work to change one limiting relationship pattern, while also reframing it into something beautiful. When you face and transform your relationship issues, the rest of your life will uplevel as well. 

Are you ready?

Your subconscious mind is 35,000 x more powerful than your conscious mind -

“Hey Susie! I wanted to send you a quick message to share how blown away I am about the changes in my life. I feel an energy I haven't felt in years and feel that things are finally falling into a good place. It's incredible that in just 2 months after our session my life has shifted from teary, doubtful and gloomy to the high energy, go-getter I was 20 years ago. The healing is profound and I want to thank you again for that. I can't wait to see you again…I've been recommending you to my closest friends whose lives are in flux too and who could benefit greatly from working with you.”
Los Angeles CA
“I was an anxious person and I used to have panic attacks. I followed “conventional” therapists for years without seeing real results and I was about to give up… I had my first session with Susie and I was blown away by how she was able to determine the real roots of my problems and how effective and supportive she was! Just a few weeks later, and I feel so good about myself, confident and no more panic attacks! Today I'm happier, I attract good men in my life and even my ex boyfriend came to me to ask for forgiveness. Thank you Susie for this radical transformation and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready for a change and willing to do the work.”
Brussels Belgium
"Working with Susie has been life-altering! If there is an area of your relationships that you’ve been stuck in, she can help you move forward. Thank you Susie! You’ve saved my sanity. 🙏🏽💖🙏🏽💖"
"My session with Susie was not what I expected. I was surprised to find out that seemingly ordinary occurrences in my childhood in fact made a really big impact on me and were causing me to self-sabotage almost all my efforts to grow my business, health goals and really everything else in my life for that matter. I was nervous at first but Susie was patient, caring, nurturing and she explained everything along the way. I felt very safe and in good hands. After the session I was relaxed and peaceful, relieved to have released old patterns yet I didn't quite know what was different yet. I went about my evening as usual and had a great sleep. The next day while listening to the recording I had a huge breakthrough around forgiving myself and releasing guilt and shame. Susie was a catalyst in repairing my relationship with myself. I now live with more self-respect, deeper trust and a quieter mind that inspiration flows from easily. It's not often that you get life-changing aha moments and this one really increased my self-awareness and self-compassion and I now have the most passionate, loving and support relationship with the most important person - me. Feeling blessed. Deep gratitude and thanks to you Susie. If you are looking for a serious leap in your personal development then you need to talk to Susie."
Vancouver BC
"You're amazing THANK you SO much, Susie! I will say I was totally impressed by your ability to guide me so well to the places where we needed to go, shifting along the way as appropriate and necessary. My ability to go so deep was a testament to how you made me feel so comfortable letting go in your hypnotherapy session! And your skill level. Really, thank you so much. I already feel so transformed. I'm so excited to continue doing the work. I will totally and completely recommend you to anyone I come across whom this kind of work would speak to."
San Francisco CA
"Susie is magic! I have worked with her on three different occasions... Every time I am amazed at Susie’s ability to hear me and work with me to uncover why my brain has created the belief loops that drive me. Susie creates such a safe, nonjudgmental, on-your-team space. She’s so gifted at untangling the illogical thoughts that I created innocently as a kid and helping me rewire those thoughts to what I want for my life. And so fast! My panic attacks, in particular, disappeared almost instantly. So grateful! She’s amazing!"
“I made an appointment with Susie over Skype to get some help. ...the session was a real eye-opener as to where, when and why I would have developed unhealthy beliefs, patterns, and behaviors. I really enjoyed having the ability to do the session virtually and was amazed that within 20 minutes of our session, she had sent me a hypnosis to listen to, to help make all of our change work permanent. I honestly could not believe how immediate changes were for me… I cannot tell you how amazed and grateful I was session with Susie. If you need something to change, and no matter what you do it keeps coming around, make an appointment to get fast, permanent results!”
New York USA
“I am in weekly therapy clearing away old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me. But at the launch point of my business, I was still concerned that those tricky thoughts and beliefs that live below my conscious mind sneak up on me. ...somewhere along the line, I developed lifelong negative emotions about money with thoughts like, ‘I am not a money maker’, and other sneaky beliefs about whether I deserve to live in a financially secure manner. I discussed this with my business coach, and she suggested a session with Susie to dig deep inside my subconscious to dislodge old problematic beliefs so I could shake them out, examine them in broad daylight, and set them aside. My session with Susie helped me to start work on this and the recording she gave me to listen to every day for the following three weeks supported me in my transformation. Susie was patient, caring, and nurturing and she explained how everything was going to unfold throughout the process. Her voice and intonation put me at ease. Her use of Rapid Transformational Therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, and energy therapy helped me to create permanent, lasting transformation in my relationship with money. I also, just as my trusted friend did to me, would suggest you reach out to Susie to help you transform any relationship you want to and release those old beliefs that may be standing in your way.”
Riverside CA USA
“From the first time I met and worked with Susie I found the experience so good I have worked with her several times since. Each time I book a session, Susie is able to clearly see the emotional state I'm in, the balanced state I need to get to and uses her skill and capability to guide me through the process to ensure I reach a resolution. Susie creates and holds a space for me to explore the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back and empowers me to move forward and create a truer version of myself each time I process an issue. Susie's huge level of compassion and care create such an unconditionally accepting space I have been able to process deeply and move to a much greater level of self acceptance than I thought would be possible in one session. I am so grateful for her support and know I can contact her whenever I have work to do.”
Melbourne Australia
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