5 Things You Can Do To Clear and Raise Your Vibrational Energy Field

5 Things You Can Do To Clear and Raise Your Vibrational Energy Field Absolutely everything is energy. Anything that is physical matter, including our bodies, and ourselves, has a coordinating energy body. We all have the ability to sense and feel everything in this energy body and it’s affected by things all around you. Even…

5 Things You Can Do To Clear and Raise Your Vibrational Energy Field

Absolutely everything is energy.

Anything that is physical matter, including our bodies, and ourselves, has a coordinating energy body. We all have the ability to sense and feel everything in this energy body and it’s affected by things all around you. Even when you’re unaware that you have an energetic field, energy is still constantly being transmitted and affecting the way that you feel and may even affect your thoughts and beliefs over time.

That’s why you can be in a really good mood and then have an interaction with a grouchy barista and walk out of there with just a little less pep in your step. When you’re utilizing these clearing and protection techniques, you’ll feel solid in yourself and just grab your coffee and flash a smile when you peace out.

The higher the vibrational frequency, the better it will feel.

Less this
More this

Energy is such a big word and it can be heard everywhere these days! The type of energy I’m referring to in this article does not deal so much with the concept of having energy in terms of how productive you can be, but deals with the frequency and vibrational measurement of energy. It’s a subtle, but incredibly important, difference!

After 10 years of meditation practice, 9 years of energy work, and years of learning about my own energy body, I’ve compiled a few of the most effective practices I use on a daily basis to maximize it. These things can greatly affect your life and relationships because it increases your ability to get the most out of your life experiences, to expand your self-awareness, to heal and to ultimately understand what’s yours and what’s theirs.  

For big healing and change, I regularly receive Rising Star Energy Therapy. The following techniques are all the little steps I take that adds up to a giant overall difference in the way that I feel.

All of these allow me to keep my heart open and utilize my vitality and power to live the life I know I was born to live. If that sounds like something you want, you’re totally in the right place.

There’s no shortcut to managing your energy, yet when you put in the intention and effort, your life returns to you all that you put in. It might sound super airy fairy, but trust me….it will be beyond worth it. The proof will start to show up big time!

Daily Bubble of Protection

This one is a daily exercise that when you do it, can bring massive shifts. Best done in the morning, this bubble is an invisible protective layer that keeps everything that is yours in and everything that belongs outside, outside. Very simple.

Keep in mind that your imagination is directly connected to your intuition and your energy field. Intention is everything. You can do this right when you wake up when you’re still in bed, before you check your phone or open up to outside energy sources.

Do it right now:

Take a few moments and take some deep breaths. Close your eyes.

Bring your body into a neutral position, just not crossing your arms or legs. If you’re feeling like you want to be receptive, face palms up and if you want to close the energy circuits or need more grounding, face palms down. Notice the way your body feels in different positions and how this affects the way you feel. Choose what feels best in this moment.

Now imagine that you are bringing an invisible bubble around your entire body. The bubble can be made of light or glass or anything that feels right to you. Just make sure that you can see and sense clearly through this material. Feel it sense it and imagine it in every way that’s important to you. Notice how safe you are inside this bubble.

You’re protected and contained. You choose what you let into this bubble, so you choose only positivity and love to come in and you also know that any negativity you create within this bubble also belongs to you. If someone is projecting on you or sending negative vibes your way, you choose not to let them in. You externalize other people’s opinions and feelings because you know that they have nothing to do with you. You choose to have detached compassion and take no responsibility for what energy other people are cultivating. You choose to keep all of your energy in a sacred space and you have full access and power over your energy field.

This whole exercise takes just 2-3 minutes to do. If you start doing this practice, you might notice yourself reacting differently or feeling more tired or drained. If and when you notice that, just take a few moments to set your bubble up and you’re good to go.

Salt Baths & Salt Showers

Energy collects, stagnates and we need to clear it. Salt is incredibly cleansing!

My favorite thing to do is to have a full salt bath and to relax and enjoy the experience. It doesn’t have to be super special expensive salt and you don’t need to be too fussy about the process or ingredients. Just obviously choose ingredients you feel to be pure and good for your system. You can get Epsom salts and get the added benefits of magnesium, sea salt, which is really powerful, or any bath salt. Any store with a bulk food section will often have different salts at a reasonable rate. It doesn’t have to be super fussy, just pick what works for you:).  I would personally advise against salts that have additives or chemicals or toxic scented ingredients, because these products tend to be in a less high vibratory state as they’ve been processed from their original form.

For both salt rituals, setting intentions can be powerful as you’re showering or bathing.

Bring to mind what you’re choosing to release or let go of, acknowledging tension and struggle of any kind. If you have any sexual shame or reservation or any health issues in this general area, picture those issues cleansing and releasing. You may even say a mantra:

“I am willing to release what no longer serves me.”

“…shame about my body.”

“…guilt about my natural sexual desires.”

Make up your own!

As you’re cleansing, you may notice that your life is trying to teach you something at this time. Is there any area you’ve been neglecting, any wants or needs. Have you been taking care of your spirit, mind, and body? Just spend a few moments processing anything that comes up. Honor it for the message that it is and then let it go.

Salt Bath

– Put anywhere from 1 to 2 cups of salt in your perfect temp bath water and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. Set your intention and process any emotions that come up. Honor yourself spirit, mind and body.

Showering with Salt 

-A second salty option for the ease and time factor, is to do a shower with these awesome Himalayan salt bars. This is just one example. There are so many different ones and available at co-op stores, Whole Foods, World Market, etc.

It works to clear energy and takes about a minute to add on to your daily shower.

One hot application tip for the salt bar is to never rub it against your skin! Rub in between your hands, and then apply the salt to your body. Because of the pure nature of a salt block, with direct contact it can scratch and irritate the skin and leave big red marks and sting. Focus the application on your energy centers over the front and back of your body. With wet hands, rub the bar and apply from the base of your spine all the way up, being sure to apply plenty to the back of your heart (if you can reach), and work your way up to the neck and shoulders, then over the front of your throat (hello throat chakra clearing!) over your chest and high heart, down to your belly and reproductive organs.

Positive Physical Movement

Super simple. Super effective!

Move your beautiful body.

This is a practice that not only is your physical body asking for, but it has an added benefit of clearing energy out of stuck places. It doesn’t have to be super special or overly specific. When you move your body, energy releases. Pick something that is positive physical movement and do it. It can be anything.

Make sure to focus on any area that feels stuck or stagnant in your body.

If you can’t easily feel into a part of your body, if something feels tense, or even numb, these are all signs of stuck energy. The back body, aka your back and booty and the backs of your thighs can easily become stagnant with lots of sitting.

Walking, yoga, running, HIIT, doing those random exercise circuits you see at a public park, whatever! There’s literally thousands of free guided workouts on YouTube and all over the internet. It’s not necessary to belong to a gym unless you want to and you don’t have to look like a personal trainer to move your body.

You have no excuses except the ones you decide to make up. 🙂

My favorites right now include: plyometrics mixed with a little weight lifting, morning walks in the sunshine, intermittent dancing and hula hooping in between work and creativity sessions. Just add music.

Oh, and while you’re at it, release any negative attachment you have to your body.

It’s literally there to serve you every day, so love on it a little and move your buns.

Clearing Your Physical Space

The more self-awareness work that you do, the more sensitive your energy body will become. Sensitivities that you previously shut down or numbed will begin to awaken and be more responsive to the various types of energy you come into contact with. This means other people and all of their sh*t too;). There’s nothing that clears your path, brings new opportunity and cleanses better than a physical overhaul of your space and things.

Energy is constantly moving and sometimes attaching and accumulating in your physical space.

As you move along on any path of self-awareness or if you’re doing any practice that intentionally or unintentionally makes your energy more sensitive, it will often become more important to clear in this way. If you’ve been feeling tired or stagnant in any of your bodies, all of these will help things vibrate higher and get things moving again in a positive way.

Here are some actions you can take for regular energetic and etheric clearing.

1. Physical clearing with getting rid of physical things, cleaning and organizing.

Go room by room, space by space and really get focused on what’s old, dead, outdated, not needed, brings unhappy memories, things you’re keeping out of obligation. You don’t need to keep everything that well meaning people give you. Get clear intentions on what you want in your life. If it doesn’t lead to you creating your intended life, ditch it. Declutter, organize, repeat.2.

2. Burning Palo Santo, sage, sweetgrass, and incense.

All of these substances effectively clear negativity and can  welcome positive vibes into your space. Please invest in a little holder for incense always and find a good non-flammable ceramic surface to burn your sage, Palo Santo, or sweetgrass (or something equally smart) and be sure to monitor whatever it is you’re burning. Safety first!

Incense. There’s a million types out there, and many made with a high amount of non-natural substances or chemicals, which I strongly advise you avoid. Go for a brand that creates high vibrational products, like Sathya Sai Baba, because intention is everything. They are also conveniently very widely available and the scents of Nag Champa, Darshan and Midnight are all lovely from this brand. While you’re at it, invest in an incense holder if you don’t already have one. Safety first!

Palo Santo has a really unique scent to it and smells amazing. The plus of Palo Santo is that you can just burn a little at a time if you just want a little clearing as the smoke will only burn for a short time unless you follow the process below. If you’re clearing a large space, or you want your PS to burn for an extended period of time, you have to light the end for several seconds until it catches fire. Blow out the flame and hold the smoking end down. You might have repeat this process and blow on it to get the embers to create the lit cherry that keeps burning. Place the lit end down in your fire proof dish to keep the smoke going. You might consider using a lit candle to relight the PS stick again and again, rather than excessive lighting with a lighter or matches.

Sage has a really strong scent and a heavy smoke factor. It’s powerful. Note that it will not go “out” on it’s own, and when you light a sage bundle, it will typically burn until the whole thing is gone. Very convenient for clearing large spaces or large groups of people. Be sure you roll the lit end onto an appropriate surface until all embers have died when you’re finished, or you’ll return to find your sage has turned to ash;).

3. Percussion can also clear out stagnant and negative vibes.

This works especially well in clearing corners of a room and is a really good alternative if you or someone in your house have a sensitive respiratory system and don’t like to burn things.

You can just use your hands and loudly clap them together, use a small portable hand drum or something similar. Just walk from room to room, and while clapping or drumming, pay attention to the sounds that come back to you. When it sounds dull or heavy, energy is still stagnant. Keep focusing on that area until energy clears and then move on:).

Cutting Cords

This is the one practice, that if you do it on a consistent basis, will lead to the most dramatic energetic change. I’ve fallen off the wagon on this practice myself many times and every time I get back into it, I’m reminded of the power that you have in sovereignty. Our human programming tells us that we have to be constantly connected, to not be alone, to be “nice”, to be dependent on each other, and it’s simply not true.

Scientifically backed by string theory and the fact that we’re connected to everything in the universe, there are energetic lines that connect us to many other energy bodies.

And these energetic attachments, or cords, absolutely affect our energy body in a big way.

Relationships and connection are a gift but you don’t need to be constantly giving and taking energy to have good relationships. The more I cut cords, the healthier my relationships get and the more beneficial it is for everyone. Even if you have people in your life who constantly ask you for help or who depend on you in some way, it’s actually healthier for them too when you maintain clear energetic boundaries. Likewise, to give yourself full access to taking from other people, to depend on others rather than emotionally or energetically creating from within, you’re continuing to disempower yourself and buy into fear. Sorry. It just had to be said.

The one component I will share about cord cutting that is super important is to not only cut the cords that others have attached to you but to also cut the cords that you’ve attached to others. If you’re an empathic person or sensitive to other people’s feelings, you’re very likely taking on energy that doesn’t belong to you. Think about it. That’s a lot of potential cords. Cut them all and lighten your load big time.

You literally have thousands of potential pounds to lose!

When you set energetic boundaries by cutting cords, you are going to live your healthiest most balanced life yet. Just give it a go, use your intuition/instincts and go with what works for you. You might even find that you develop your own method over time. It’s like building any muscle and takes regular and consistent exercise.

Note that cutting energetic ties does not remove the love and connection that is in these relationships. Any true positive energy that’s been created between two people is not capable of being destroyed. All we’re doing when we cut cords is removing any negative attachments, projections, judgments and disempowering energy from these connections.

If you have children under the age of 18, at the end of any cord cutting ritual, you can re-attach cords that are made of pure love and connection. I strongly advise against intentionally attaching energetic cords to anyone else.

To begin either of these rituals: Find yourself in a comfortable space, ready to focus and relax. It’s best to be alone at first when you do this practice, just so you can totally let go and eliminate distractions. Start to connect within. You can close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Whenever you feel more settled and ready, you can begin either of the following practices.

Clearing with Archangel Michael:

Archangel’s are powerful energies. Universal guides that carry different vibrations and have various strengths and capabilities. In my own relationship to him, Archangel Michael is a really strong messenger of truth and light who is a powerful protective force of nature. He’s one of the more no nonsense Archangel’s so be sure to proceed with respect and reverence when you work with his energy. In other words, you might want to pick another angel to get a parking spot for you;). Michael carries a blue sword of truth, which can help cut through all sorts of energetic and emotional BS. In short, he’s kind of like a hot celestial do-goody Viking. Enjoy.

When you’re in that nice calm grounded space, with your eyes closed and breathing easily, call in Archangel Michael by silently asking him to come into your space. “Archangel Michael, please come into my space to clear these energetic cords using your sword of truth.”

Then wait just a few moments. See him coming into your space holding his blue sword of truth, made of high vibrational blue light. You may feel his energy as he comes in, and this can come in the form of feeling a temperature change, feeling tingles or sensations in your body, hear something or see something in your minds eye, or maybe you’re like me and you just know that there’s a different energy that is present. Even if you experience nothing, you’re still doing it right. Receive the sword of truth in your left hand. It is made of light, yet feels solid and immensely powerful.

Picture all of the energetic cords that you have attached to other energetic bodies. Tune into all of your senses here and see what comes up for you. You might energetically, physically, or visually sense them, or just know that they are there.

They could feel more dense in one area of your body or another, mostly concentrated in your abdomen or all over. The cords themselves could feel thick or thin, made of any type of material or substance and out of any color, and they could vary themselves or feel all the same. There is no right or wrong way to sense them, whatever way comes up for you is perfect. Picture them as clearly as you can, but you don’t need to linger here.

Now, see yourself cutting away the cords from your body. Feel it slice easily through toxicity, pain and attachment. Old belief systems and ideals, guilt, shame and any unnecessary burdens. You sense the lightness and freedom in your body as they’re released. 

Now see all of the cords that other energy bodies have attached to you. Again, tune into all of your senses here and see what you see. You might visually see them, feel them, or just know that they are there. They could feel more dense in one area of your body or another, concentrated in a certain area or all over. They can be varying thickness, density, and color. There is no right or wrong way to sense them, whatever way comes up for you is perfect.

Now, see yourself cutting away these attachments from your energy body. Feel it slice easily through the density of these cords. There is literally nothing that light cannot illuminate and attachments are just shades of darkness. Feel other people’s perceptions, projections and feelings leaving you easily. They do not belong to you.

You sense the lightness and freedom in your body.  You feel revitalized in every way, clean and ready to go! Your true nature gets more and more clear the more you release what doesn’t belong to you and take full power over what does.

Fishing Reel Clearing:

This technique comes from the lovely Rose Cole of Rituality.

I love the metaphors and essence of this one. Enjoy!

With your eyes closed, take some nice deep breaths.

In your minds eye, look down at your physical body. As you look down at your body, notice all the cords connecting you to everything: people, places, things, projects, group consciousness, beliefs, other people’s feelings. Start to reel in all of the cords that you’ve connected knowingly or unknowingly out into the universe. You can imagine you have a little reel coming from your solar plexus (kind of like a fishing reel) and you’re reeling in all of these cords or lines of energy. As you do that, you’re bringing in all of this energy back to yourself, reclaiming this energy. Take as long as you need. Some cords may take longer or feel thicker than others. It’s all good! Just continue until your process is finished. When you’re done bringing all of this energy back to yourself.

Now you look again down at your body, (still in your minds eye), you see the places where other people have attached their cords to you. And now, either physically with your hands or only in your minds eye, take your hands and gently yet firmly remove all of these cords from your body.

For an extra step, you can then see a really powerful magnet in front of your solar plexus area gently magnetizing to it any of that extra energy that is not yours.  You can move it over your whole body and magnetizing all of that that does not belong to you. Then visualize the magnet moving away from your body far into the horizon and back to source energy.

After cutting cords, you could feel a variety of different things:

  • Nothing!
  • A little tired
  • Very very clear, like a bunch of weight has just been lifted off of you.
  • Expansive, happy, joyful or even “negative” emotions like anger or sadness or emptiness.

It’s all perfect and any emotions that you have, just pay attention to any messages that it may have for you.

Over time, you may need less ritual around cord-cutting as you become more practiced. It will be really embedded in your system, and you can literally just visualize in less than a minute to achieve the same results. At first, the ritual and focus you put into it will be really helpful.

When you start to do this practice, you may start to notice things that you’ve allowed yourself to participate in or believe that actually don’t feel true to you now. It will feel so good to let go of what doesn’t belong to you. Any way that you pretend to be that you are not, takes up a tremendous amount of personal energy. Take it back.

In addition to having more vitality, cutting cords also has a side benefit of revealing who or what is constantly on the take from your energy body. When you become aware of where your energy body is being drained, you have a choice to keep giving energy there, or to create a new boundary or limit on what you’re willing to give. You get your strength back that’s been depleted from the buildup of constant giving and you get to make decisions based on what’s right for you. Because no amount of you doing the work will change someone else’s inability to take responsibility for themselves;).

The above list is by no means exhaustive! Explore your own energy body and start to notice what works for you.

One awesome by-product of managing your own energy, is that your relationships change naturally and beneficially. You’ll start to be able to clearly identify what’s “yours” and what’s not.

Setting boundaries will get more necessary and also easier. Your relationships will take on a quality of purity and expansion. Your heart will naturally be open and you’ll be showing up as the person you were born to be, rather than responding out of the heavy conditioning that all people endure. Things will get more clear, more rich, more amazing.

Decisions and actions will come from a place of truth and power. You’ll have access to you, which is where your empowerment lies.

Managing your own energy input/output is absolutely imperative if you want to create real change in your life. If you’re doing all the “right” things but doing them unconsciously, it just returns that lack of awareness right back to you. When you’re doing those same things and you have a positive motivation or intention in place, all that you put your energy into will return back to you in the form of increased self-awareness and allow you to really use that information as feedback for whatever it is you’re creating in your life.

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